Confident , Colorful, and Empowering

Driver’s Seat is a one-stop shop for empowered, audacious women. With Tiana S. Clark “The Audacious Commander” at its helm, Driver’s Seat helps women empower every aspect of their lives.

This Instagram campaign is all about COLOR. The client was looking for bright, interesting visuals that made viewers stop their scroll and stick around.

To create this campaign, I first read through 30+ emails written by Tiana S. Clark, then pulled out “nuggets” of information that sparked my interest.

After compiling a list of topics, I developed captions and images in tandem so the two could rely on each other. Visuals and written content exist in the same space, so they should be created in the same space.

I incorporated bright, bold elements while maintaining a polished, professional feel to cater to Driver’s Seat’s ideal client: professional women who are ready to put the self back in self-worth.

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